We are thought leaders with experience throughout many industries.

Quality Shopper

Our Team

The members of our team are thought leaders with experience throughout many industries.  Working with some of the most successful companies in Australasia, we continue to provide some of the most accurate and affordable research in the industry today.

People can contribute much more to your mission, your business, and your bottom line than you realise.  We help you understand, empower and motivate all the people who touch your business; customers, channel partners and employees.  Quality Shopper can help you harness the human potential inside your organisation.

We know your industry, but nobody knows your business like you do.  We incorporate your in-depth company knowledge with our enterprise, ensuring that research findings are highly relevant, pragmatic and timely.  We then help clients integrate their findings into action plans with bottom line impact.

We utilise the talents of only the highest quality shoppers, who visit the clients location as an ordinary customer performing client specific tasks.  Our shoppers are a cross section of society, therefore representing your real customers.  We implement a comprehensive internal grading system for our shoppers, so that the client is assured of only the most qualified shoppers evaluating their locations.

Quality Shopper was established because the principals saw a need for a mystery shopping company, focused on providing solutions tailored to individual needs, rather than using some ineffective, standardised products.  Every business is different, your business is unique, so contact us to find out how we can help you, in the same way that we have built long term relationships with some of Australasia’s finest companies.