Happy Employees
Happy Customers

Staff Satisfaction Surveys

There is a very high degree of correlation between the ‘attitude’ of your staff and the customer service experience that results.

Successful businesses ensure that they attract, develop and retain staff with a positive attitude.  Happy Employees = Happy Customers; and when you have happy employees, the customer will undoubtedly feel the difference.

When your staff demonstrate passion, it’s infectious.

At Quality Shopper we are able to offer confidential staff satisfaction surveys, in order to establish the thoughts and feelings of your personnel.  The information is very accurate because we act as an independent intermediary between you and your employees.

Staff satisfaction surveys can be carried out for a very reasonable fee.

We will ensure that the research is carried out sensitively, in order to ensure continued close working relationships.

The surveys highlight general business problems, or those which may be specific to certain groups or departments.

We can then work with you to devise achievable and manageable techniques, which will improve employee motivation and job satisfaction.