Find out what it takes to become a mystery shopper.

Quality Shopper

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Mystery Shopper?

A. They are evaluators who observe and report on their shopping experiences to help improve customer service levels.

Q. What do evaluations involve?

A. The typical process of doing an evaluation involves:

  • Selecting evaluations which we will email to you
  • Downloading and reading your instructions
  • Visiting the store and completing your evaluation
  • Reporting the results to Quality Shopper
  • Sending your receipt to Quality Shopper

Q. How long does an evaluation take?

A. Each assignment is different, but most store visits will take around 15 minutes. You will need to read the guidelines and instructions thoroughly beforehand, and then complete the evaluation as soon as possible after the visit.

Q. How do I get paid?

A. Payments will be made via Direct Credit to your bank account usually within 20 business days of submitting the completed report online.

Q. How much do I get paid?

A.  Payment will vary depending on the assignment.  Occasionally payment will be in the form of a product or service purchased at the store and/or a standard payment per assignment will be between $20-$50.  Shoppers are not paid a travel allowance.

Q.  What qualities are required to be a Mystery Shopper?

A.  To be a good mystery shopper you should be reliable, have an eye for detail, a great memory, have excellent written and oral communication skills, good time management, and the ability to follow directions with ease.

Q.  Can I still be a Mystery Shopper while working or studying?

A.   Most definitely.  Some assignments can be performed in the evening or on weekends, whenever is convenient to you.

Q.  How will I get assignments?

A.   We will email you assignments suitable to your profile and location.  You can then email which assignments you wish to accept, this will be on a first come, first served basis.

Q.  Do I need to make a purchase or return a purchase?

A.   Sometimes purchases are required, we will specify the expense amount that we will reimburse you.

Q.  How long do I have to report my evaluation results?

A.   All results should be entered online within 24 hours of visiting the store.

Q.  What if I can no longer complete a Mystery Shopping Assignment?

A.   Email us as soon as possible as we will need to re-assign it straight away.

Q.  Will I be responsible for tax?

A.   Yes, shoppers are fully responsible for making any tax payments as Quality Shopper will not deduct tax from the fees paid for your assignments.  You do not need to pay tax on any reimbursements for purchases made.