Find out what your customers value today and then deliver it.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is one of the most important tools used by successful and profitable businesses the world over.  It doesn’t matter what size you are – what matters is how well you treat your customers.

Research indicates that 4% of unhappy customers complain; 96% simply go away, never to return.

When you consider the life-time value of a customer in your business, customer satisfaction and retention take on a whole new meaning

It can cost you, on average, nine times more to attract new customers than to retain the customers you have.  So the more customers you keep, the less you have to advertise and market, resulting in more profits.

How do you manage to hold onto your customers?  Easy.  Find out what they value today and then deliver it.  Keep in mind that what they value today may not be what they value tomorrow.  The best way to keep track of what they value is through mystery shopping.

The ongoing process of evaluating your operations, policies and procedures, staff behaviour, products and services, and physical environment is critical to retention and profitability.